Thomas Sgouros American, 1927-2012


Two distinct bodies of work define Sgouros' oeuvre: early still life paintings of studio objects including glass, ceramics and his son's bicycle horn, and the later Remembered Landscapes, expressive and painterly skies and landscapes full of energy, motion and color.


Thomas Sgouros' series of paintings entitled Remembered Landscapes began in early 1990 out of a deep dedication to painting and a willingness to change in the midst of an illustrious career established in realism. Having a career as a painter of finely defined, but painterly still life works, Sgouros was stricken with the sudden onset of macular degeneration and began to lose his eyesight.  In his own words "it was either jump in the river or rethink the way I was going to paint."  Twenty-two years later, Sgouros not only reorganized his process, but he discovered an internal landscape and the very romantic and evocative reflections of nature in all its glory.


Thomas Sgouros' career spanned over 56 years, as a renowned illustrator and a distinguished painter of sublime watercolors and still life canvases in his later career.  Sgouros was a Professor Emeritus of the Rhode Island School of Design and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts.


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