Printed in Providence

February 4 - April 2, 2011

Printed in Providence is a group exhibition of printed works created in Providence. Artists in the exhibition include William Anastasi, Brian Chippendale, Ian Cozzens, Victoria Crayhon, Jo Dery, Nancy Friese, Carl Fudge, Lynne Harlow, Tayo Heuser, Jungil Hong, Michael Kreuger, Jürgen Partenheimer, Jane Masters, Serena Perrone, Andrew Raftery, Will Schaff, Aaron Siskind, Alec Thibodeau, Chris Ulivo, Dan Wood, Mickey Zacchilli, and Pippi Zornoza.


The tradition of printmaking is such that even though an artist may be based in one city, the printers and the printshop may be located in another. Printed in Providence will include works physically printed in the city at established institutions, home studios, and all spaces in between. Many of the artists received their introduction to printmaking at The Rhode Island School of Design as students. Others like Carl Fudge, Michael Kreuger, Jürgen Partenheimer, and Chris Ulivo were invited by RISD Editions, an artist in residency program, where a master printer and students work together with the artist to edition printed work in the RISD Printmaking Department.

The AS220 Community Printshop in Providence establishes similar partnerships with artists, inviting them to work with local printers to create a printed edition. The work on display from Lynne Harlow, Tayo Heuser, Will Schaff, and Pippi Zornoza are the results of this collaboration. Many printers also utilize the Printshop to create zines, collections of drawings, essays, and comics, through offset lithography which is a technique usually reserved for commercial printing. The zines on display also utilize silkscreen printing and copy machines readily available to the independent publisher.


The exhibition will feature a diverse range of printmaking techniques and mediums from the demanding photogravures of Aaron Siskind to the contemporary digital prints of Victoria Crayhon. Letterpress printing, a practice currently enjoying a revival, will also be represented by Dan Wood, a RISD graduate and current professor operating a printshop in Providence’s Federal Hill district.