Beth Lipman at Cade Tompkins Projects

Greg Cooke, The Phoenix, November 29, 2011

Wisconsin glass artist Beth Lipman's 2008 installation of clear glass "wallpaper," a settee, and a table overflowing with a tumbled-over meal at the RISD Museum was one of the standout shows of the year. It felt like a fairy tale of a frozen kingdom beginning to disappear in the summer sun. "Yours Always" at Cade Tompkins Projects (198 Hope Street, Providence, through January 14) includes hand-molded and blown glass fruit and flowers spilling out of a toppled glass bowl, piled fruit centerpieces, and photographic reproductions of her glass still-lifes transferred onto framed sheets of Plexiglas. Plus Lipman covers the silver walls of a dining room with a glass "wallpaper" pattern that seems to melt at the edges, and opposite the room's windows hangs a glass relief that "reflects" the trees and fences outside. Lipman's craftsmanship gives a soft watery physicality to still-lifes that evoke Dutch master paintings. They're exquisite.



Currently on view at Cade Tompkins Projects, 198 Hope Street, Providence, Rhode Island through January 14, 2012.

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