IFPDA Online Spring Edition 2022

March 9 - 16, 2022 

The element of water as inspiration and critical resource is the focus of our booth presentation this spring.  A curation of works by gallery artists depicting water in the forms of rivers, oceans, and estuaries are shown in the etchings, woodcuts, and screen prints on view.  Nancy Friese’s “Tumbling Time” includes a poem by Laurel Reuter that discusses the ecological history of the Red River Valley, and Allison Bianco’s monumental “The Providence River Cover Up” concentrates on the river view in a historical context, alluding to hidden visual and narrative events.  Daniel Heyman’s magnificent 28-foot “Summer Squall” is about the fury of the storm passing over the ocean and features the head of a man reacting to immense power of the weather.  Serena Perrone presents a view of a fictive river in the “On Escapism and Exile” series. Orit Hofshi’s “Allude” places the figure between mountains with the impression of the distant sea, while Stella Ebner looks to the nature of sporting pursuits on the water. Maritime language is depicted in Lois Harada’s “Signals” comprised of 26 letterpress prints of navigation flags and their meanings.


Thank you for considering the works of our gallery artists and supporting the work of our own time.