Ana Guerra

David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary, March 1, 2013

On this past snowy, slippery late Monday afternoon down at Swifty's, on East 73rd Street and Lexington, a group of friends celebrated the Art opening of an exhibition of paintings by Cuban born artist Ana Guerra. Guerra's painterly expressions of glazed color and layered surfaces on panel brought warmth to a drab winter dusk. So did the mouthwatering Cuban hors d'oeuvres. 


In attendance:  Evelyn Tompkins, Alyce Cleese, Karen Tompkins, Sarah Woolworth, Mrs. Nancy Baker, Michael and Rebecca Silver braved the gloomy weather to celebrate Ana's art and chat with others of like mind. Cade Tompkins of Cade Tompkins Project and Patricia Attoe curated the show which will be on view through the month of April. 


I saw the paintings at dinner there Monday night. They’re very affecting and add another dimension of interest to the atmosphere of the room. That last sentence sounds like some pompous, supercilious would-be ham art critic. Well, if the shoes fits ...

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