Top Booths at SPRING/BREAK Art Fair

Lorraine Rubio, Art Zealous, March 3, 2016


Excerpt : Working under the theme of COPYPASTE curators and artists at Spring/Break Art Show are filling the classroom-like offices of Manhattan’s Moynihan Station. With transformations such as a public bathroom converted into a floral scented dinner setting, curators have taken on the concept of space in fantastic ways—filling it, distorting it, converting it, or just plain destroying it. Out of Spring/Break’s nearly 100 exhibitors here are our top picks for exhibitions not-to-miss at this funky fair.


6. Aaron Pexa “The Lucent Parlor” curated by Cade Tompkins (Room #3103)

Whether the choice was Cade Tompkins’ or not, the reinterpretation of a third-floor public restroom into an intimate, candlelit dinner party, masked in a floral aroma, had a beautiful result.

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