These 5 Inspired Installations Make SPRING/BREAK Art Show Unforgettable

Cait Munroe, artnet news, March 1, 2016


5. Aaron Pexa, "The Lucent Parlor," curated by Cade Tompkins Projects
"Come back at five," artist Aaron Pexa says. "That's when it really comes alive—after the sun goes down." Pexa's immersive installation, which features dozens of candlelit sconces, two videos of a twinkling chandelier, glass plates that look like they're melting off a wooden table, and intricate damask wallpaper is installed inside an otherwise functional bathroom.


He's right: it's difficult to fully appreciate the peaceful magic of the work during daylight hours, but seeing such pristine objects juxtaposed against bathroom stalls and marble sinks (albeit, very sweet, vintage-looking bathroom stalls and marble sinks) is fun no matter the hour.

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