Serena Perrone at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019

Seven Artists that Stole the Show

We are pleased to share press about Serena Perrone's current solo exhibition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019.


Her work was included in a new Artsy article by Alina Cohen on March 6, 2019. See the full article here.


Full text on Serena:

In a quiet alcove away from the hubbub, Cade Tompkins Projects's sweet, light-pink booth is a perfect venue for Serena Perrone's delicate multimedia work. Two of her print series are on view: "A Volcano Pilgrim in Exchange for Fire" (2010) (depicting deep blue volcanos) and "Maintaining a Safe Distance and Living to Tell" (2012) (in which surreal red landscapes are filled with calamities ranging from a tornado to a falling tree). Perrone also created the fabric for a chaise lounge, filled with cloudy shapes and red diamonds.
The real standout, however, is Perrone's Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo (2016-17), which offers a lovely little peep show inside a white porcelain box. Gaze into a small side hole, and you'll see layers of print and watercolor, coming together to form a lush landscape and nude figures. In the booth, visitors may receive a small letterpress with an Italian phrase that means "Everyone says that wool doesn't burn." Tompkins explained: "Rumor in [Perrone's] hometown in Sicily is that vengeance is taken by setting a sheep on fire and sending it out to your neighbors. But the truth is that wool doesn't burn." (Prices range from $200 for a letterpress to $18,000 for Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo.)
-Alina Cohen
March 6, 2019
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