Louise Sheldon American, b. 1985


The work of Louise Sheldon pokes holes into memories of our daily surroundings. Every day anomalies are the subject matter of this group of watercolors. Finding humor and horror in the mundane where a vintage car rolls into a cornfield in Out of It Again or where two young adults stand, beer in hand, mesmerized by a giant spider and its web in Tickles. Even the design in the rugs and wallpaper in We're Fighting jostle for our attention and at the same time nod to Matisse and the pattern and decoration movement.


Other works such as Their Bedroom and Nobody's on the Road have a similar quality to the works of Ludwig Bemelmans, of Madeline fame, and Maira Kalman whose New Yorker covers and books are widely regarded. The innocence and candor of self observation and direct witnessing of the small moments in life is part of the charm of these works.


Louise Sheldon was born in Providence, Rhode Island and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.