Nancy Friese: Eloquent Landscapes

November 12, 2022 - April 29, 2023
Subjectivity doesn't bluster its way in with Expressionist gusto; it creeps in like ivy, making progress through myriad incremental actions. Returning to the same place at roughly the same time, day after day, week after week, Nancy paints from a banquet of ephemeral perceptions-temperature, smell, air flow, sound as well as vision.
- Susan Tallman
We are pleased to present an exhibition of Nancy Friese's paintings spanning 40 years of her career. 
There is wide recognition of Friese as one of our country’s most influential interpreters of American landscape, as well as European and Asian landscapes. Locations for paintings have included Giverny and Brittany in France, the Dakota Badlands, the fields and groves in Long Island, New York, the rivers of Connecticut and the vast ocean views of southern Rhode Island. Invited to paint in renowned nature preserves and arboretums, preservation and conservation come to mind knowing that land is precious and sacred. Nancy Friese’s paintings are a tangible outcome of memory, captivating a combination of weather, time, color, stroke, movement and atmosphere. 
Special thanks to author and art historian, Susan Tallman, and British painter Eileen Hogan, for their fine contributions to the accompanying catalogue.