Art in an Airstream: A satellite presentation at the 2016 International Fine Print Dealers Association Print Fair

November 3 - 6, 2016 

NOVEMBER 3-6, 2016; Thurs-Sat, 12-8pm; Sun 12-5pm; Park Avenue and 67th Street, New York City


Cade Tompkins Projects will exhibit works by represented artists with a focus on contemporary fine art prints in a beautiful Airstream International 28, parked for four days on Park Avenue and 67th Street during the 2016 IFPDA Print Fair, steps away from the entrance to the Park Avenue Armory.


The Tribute and Serendipity: The late New York resident Wade F. Thompson was, and his family continues to be, important patrons to the Park Avenue Armory.   Through their generous support over the years, the interior and exterior of the Park Avenue Armory has been saved for the enjoyment of future generations.  The presence of an Airstream with contemporary fine art inside is a tribute to the Wade F. Thompson family. Thompson was former head of Thor Industries which owns Airstream.


The Artists:  Cade Tompkins Projects represents major mid-career artists such as Nancy Friese, Daniel Heyman, and Serena Perrone as well as emerging talent.   Art in an Airstream will include work by William Allen, William Anastasi, Allison Bianco, Louise Bourgeois, Victoria Crayhon, Stella Ebner, Nancy Friese, Carl Fudge, Melinda Hackett, Susan Hardy, Daniel Heyman, Orit Hofshi, Jim Isermann, Sophiya Khwaja, Serena Perrone, Aaron Pexa, Aaron Siskind, Dean Snyder, Max Van Pelt and others.


We are happy to share that BLOUINARTINFO featured Cade Tompkins Projects' satellite exhibition, Art in an Airstream, in two articles by Margaret Carrigan.

In "What to See at the 2016 IFPDA Print Fair," posted on November 3, 2016: Just outside of Park Avenue Armory, Cade Tompkins Projects, based out of Rhode Island, is staging a satellite presentation to the IFPDA Print Fair, entitled “Art in an Airstream.” Featuring the whimsical screen prints of Allison Bianco and Kevin Frances’s woodcut quotidian interior scenes, among many others, the exhibition is hosted in a retro-chic Airstream International 28 RV.


In "Hot Off the Presses: Highlights from New York's 2016 Print Fairs," posted on November 7, 2016: Booth space has long been coveted and there’s a lengthy list of IFPDA members waiting to secure a spot in future iterations of the fair. But that didn’t stop recent IFPDA inductee Cade Tompkins from securing a spot this year, albeit unconventionally: The Rhode Island-based art dealer arranged to show her roster of printmakers in an RV parked outside of the Armory building. Tompkins chose a retro Airstream RV in honor of Wade F. Thompson, a steadfast patron of the Park Avenue Armory and former head of Thor Industries (which owns Airstream), proving a thoughtful send-off for the fair as a whole as it migrates westward. To commemorate the “Art in an Airstream” exhibition, Tompkins commissioned an edition of 25 prints by artist Allison Bianco depicting a fanciful holographic foil RV floating through the air.